Career Politicians Must Stop Ignoring Our Veterans And Their Families

stop ignoring our veterans

Aloha All.  I left home at 18, along with millions of others for Vietnam out of a sense of patriotism and as an idealist.

I proudly served 31 years and never complained as this path was my choice.

What has angered me over the years are not necessarily the actions of the President, for they come and go, but the insidious actions of our House and Senate. These career politicians have for decades ignored our Veterans and their families in need.

We have close to 1 million Veterans waiting months and years for health care often to have their claims rejected outright.

We had to advocate for years to have Agent Orange and the Gulf War Syndrome labeled as serious illnesses that need to be addressed and treated. We now continue the fight for new cancers to be added as well as PTSD, TBI and the “Burn Pits” to be part of the health care services that our Veterans deserve. That our VA system is broken is a given and has been for decades and the anguish of our Veterans not properly served still falls on deaf ears, resulting in 22 suicides a day. It angers me that our House and Senate now want to reduce our pensions that are already taxed at a high rate. When will this nation start to realize that only two percent of our young men and women wear the uniform of this great nation and serve and sacrifice.

We need to follow Abraham Lincoln’s credo so well stated at his Second Inaugural Address, “let us never forget he who hath borne the battle, his widow and his orphans.”

I served and not only sacrificed but my family did as well. Many of us continue to live with the ghosts of our past that will forever be part of our makeup. We realize this but we continue to march in spite of those scurrilous self serving scumbags who continue to chip away at our hard earned benefits to line their own personal and selfish agendas with our money which is totally criminal.

We need to stop corporate plundering, the waste, fraud and abuse of our tax dollars given to foreign governments. Not another dime to Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or even to illegals while we have homeless veterans on our streets and widowed families that cannot remarry for fear of losing their meager benefits because of the widow tax.

Our politicians who make these decisions have never served but yet they continue to involve us in costly conflicts and wars that bleed our economy dry and worse yet, rob families of their loved ones. I ask the politicians, if you’re so set on “Boots on the Ground” then send your children first and I will follow.

It is not just our President, your anger needs to be directed to those few 500 whose arrogance in actually believing that only they can govern 336 million. We need term limits and we need this in the new Administration to sweep both the House and Senate clean of these self serving bastards.

Drain the swamp

We also need to give our new Commander in Chief support and time to make his positive changes for all of our citizens.

God Bless our troops in harms way and Oooorah and Semper Fi.

William “Monsoon” Mimiaga

William Mimiaga

A Marine Major with 31 years in uniform & combat tours in Vietnam and the Gulf War. He has faced down fear, hunger, pain, death, grief, and cancer, but it was retirement that proved to be the one challenge he couldn’t navigate. So he got his Masters and became a teacher. But not just any teacher.As a 3 Time California Teacher of the year "Monsoon" teaches the kids that society deems expendable, the kids who often agree with that view, having never been taught otherwise.

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