Tony Orlando – Supporting the families of our fallen military heroes!

Tony orlando supporting military families

Tony Orlando is a legendary American show business entertainer, best known as the lead singer of the group Tony Orlando and Dawn in the early 1970s.

What many don’t know is how avid a supporter Tony Orlando is when it comes to our nation’s military.  One of his classic hits, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the Ole’ Oak Tree” was first performed with Bob Hope in Dallas Texas to welcome home a group of POWs at the Cotton Bowl. It has especially become a favorite amongst our Vietnam Veterans and active duty military.

Tony Orlando was recently recognized for his support and contributions to our Military at the Medal of Honor Gala, held during Sky Ball 2016. Coincidentally, this event was held in Dallas Texas,  where he performed “Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the Ole’ Oak Tree” for the very first time.  Tony received the Bob Hope Award from Congressional Medal of Honor recipients for his work entertaining the military for the past 40 years.

I ran into Tony Orlando moments before he received this well deserved award.

“I met you years ago on a flight,”  I told him. His laugh was the same as it was that day on the plane as he grabbed my hands and told me he remembered me too. To my surprise, he then asked his wife and daughter if they remember him telling them about the mom with the four kids. “Yes,” they responded, curious smiles on their faces turning into surprised ones like mine when he said, “This is her!”

For the first time, I heard Tony’s version of our plane ride.

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