Real Estate Worldwide Gives Back #1000Layaways

Real Estate Worldwide Gives Back with 1000 Layaways

San Diego, Calif. – San Diego families were counting their blessings after a visit from a Christmas Angel this year.

Real Estate Worldwide, a local real estate education firm, called in advance to the ToysRUs in Bay Park.

“We were contacted by Real Estate Worldwide and they wanted to come pay off every layaway we had left in the building,” said Kendall McIntosh, Store Manager.

And that’s exactly what happened

McIntosh said President/CEO Kent Clothier showed up at the store Wednesday December 14th, surrounded by family and friends and did exactly that.  Mr. Clothier paid off $7500 in layaways, helping some 60 families across the San Diego area.

“It was all across the board different toys from 1 years olds to babies and older kids, just everything.”

A local family like the Smyth’s were just shocked…

Who would do that, who does that for me? Me? I was just shocked,” said Deidre Smyth.

“So kind, such an act of kindness, not only my family, but all those families,” said Deidre.

Real Estate Worldwide and Kent Clothier have been doing this for the last few years.  Mr. Clothier started the #1000 Layaways hashtag to help make this yearly tradition go viral with the goal of paying off 1,000 layaways each and every year.

I’m very grateful that tens of thousands of people saw this today and I’m very hopeful that they’re out there paying off layaways tonight. – Kent Clothier

It all started with my wife and I deciding to show our kids what the “true meaning” of the season was.  We thought about different things that we could do with our young daughter that would help her to understand the value of helping others.

So, we started taking our kids to Toys-R-Us, and K-Mart each year to payoff layaways for other people.

We would simply go to the service counter, ask for help (most of the time it requires a manager), have them pull a list of layaway purchases that were still open, and then we would look specifically for layaways that had items on them such as toys, children’s clothes, and things that we could quickly identify were most likely Christmas presents for children.

We’d then have our kids select the ones that they wanted to payoff, give them the money, and they would hand it over to the manager of the store to complete the purchase.

Needless to say, this has been an amazing experience for our kids and they now look forward to it each year.  We are committed to spreading the message and getting other people involved so we can help as many families as possible.

Real Estate Worldwide Gives Back with 1000 Layaways

This year was a HUGE SUCCESS and our 1000 Layaways program REALLY took off and was shared all over the country. This is all about remembering and enjoying what the season is really about.

Here are some cool videos and Facebook posts that were shared of all the other people who paid off layaways too.  Read more here…

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