Monsoon Monday- Spotlighting the Devastating Toll of the Burn Pits

Medal of Honor Recipient John Baca, Vietnam Veteran William Monsoon Mimiaga visit Sgt Alvaro and his wife

Major William “Monsoon” Mimiaga is an outspoken advocate for our military and their families. He is a combat veteran who knows firsthand the devastating impact of battle and the toxins our troops are exposed to.

Here is his editorial on the deadly toxins of the Burn Pits.

I will come back.We all know or should be aware that the Veterans Administration is an “Adversary and not an Ally to our Veterans. The Health Care System has been broken for many decades as you have read. Veterans needlessly dying in VA Hospitals through improper and inadequate care and many denied care or appointments put off for months, where their condition worsens and the Veteran dying or committing suicide at a rate of 22 a day. That in itself is another story.

When Vietnam Veterans returned from the War conditions were just as bad with the VA System. We had to advocate for decades for care for Agent Orange and PTSD, before action was taken. Our Vietnam Veterans credo than became

Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another

We continued the fight through strong advocation for our returning Gulf War Veterans, citing the sickness caused by the Gulf War Syndrome and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Again years of procrastination, before action was taken with providing proper and adequate heath care. Now again we have responded to the call for help from our Iraqi and Afghanistan Veterans with the cancer causing “BURN PITS.”

Meet Sgt. Brian Alvarado. a personal friend and an outstanding and highly decorated Marine who served two tours in Iraq. He returned home weak and sick from the horrific effects of the “Burn Pits,” that have left him with numerous cancers and maladies. He is totally disabled and his quality of life, along with thousands of other Veterans with the war on terrorism, and again, our VA and Government, will not acknowledge, the dehabilitating effects caused by the “Burn Pits.” Must we wait another decade to bring proper health care to those Veterans and the devastation that it has created with their families. We go about our daily business with a quality of life that brings daily enjoyment with family and friends. Consider these Veterans and the daily struggle that they endure just living and suffering from day to day.

Google and research the devastating cancer causing “Burn Pits,” as there are too many to cite here. Become aware and informed, then write your Representative, that action must be taken now, not decades from now.

Ooooorah and Semper Fi Monsoon

William Mimiaga

A Marine Major with 31 years in uniform & combat tours in Vietnam and the Gulf War. He has faced down fear, hunger, pain, death, grief, and cancer, but it was retirement that proved to be the one challenge he couldn’t navigate. So he got his Masters and became a teacher. But not just any teacher.As a 3 Time California Teacher of the year "Monsoon" teaches the kids that society deems expendable, the kids who often agree with that view, having never been taught otherwise.

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