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Jeff Senour and The Called To Service Rock Band

Snippet #22

Fueled by a passion to celebrate the freedom we all enjoy and to motivate America’s youth through music, Jeff Senour formed the award winning-rock band, CTS, (Called To Serve) in 2001

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Jeff Senour is the patriotic pilot whose band is bringing inspiration and patriotism back to our schools. By day his stage is the sky, as he flies Southwest passengers across the country. By night, his stage may be anywhere in the country. Soon, you’ll see him in his reality TV show with his co-star, Jack Scalia.

Fed up with waning patriotism and worried for today’s under-funded musical programs, Jeff and his band CTS (Called to Serve) embarked on their mission, Freedom Rock,.

The high energy musical concert has special co-stars – high school students across the country.

Equally important co-stars in these shows are patriotism and inspiration. His message?

“This country didn’t happen by accident. This is a blessing. We need to appreciate it every day.”

Jeff Senour realized his own American dream through hard work and a positive mindset.

jeff senour“I was just a kid out of L.A. who worked hard,” he says. That hard work paved his way to becoming a pilot – first as a Hollywood film pilot, then as a news pilot, and now for Southwest Airlines, where he sometimes mixes his other passion in with his job.

Time permitting, Jeff hops on the P.A. to joke with passengers or will even come out to play a song on his special Southwest guitar, gifted to him by the airline when he was honored with the President’s Award for his work with Freedom Rock.

Since its inception, CTS has performed at over 20 schools across the country. The process is simple: An interested high school books the date with Jeff. The school then receives professionally scored music, for the band to begin practicing about a month before the performance.

Jeff and his band fly in before the concert date to conduct a workshop with the high school before the curtain goes up.

For a few hours, students treat family, friends, the community, and themselves to inspirational and patriotic music. With messages of resilience, unity, pride, and gratitude for our military, the students and audience lift each other up in a powerful event. Students who are members of military families are recognized, as are veterans.

It’s more than just a concert. Jeff has kept in touch with several of the students he’s met. They keep him updated on their lives through high school, college, and beyond.

With so many budget cuts wreaking havoc on music programs, these concerts offer creative and impactful avenues to raise much needed money. Concert recordings are available for schools to sell. Tickets to the event can be sold, and other options are offered as well. It’s a far cry from candy and plant sales, with the added benefit of giving the students a unified goal to work toward.

There is no charge for a school to have CTS come out. Travel expenses can be raised with sponsors and a portion of ticket sales.

Jeff Senour encourages schools to reach out to him for information.

called to serve rock bandHe is eager to help breathe new life into national pride and his concert does just that, indulging in patriotism and pride without the politics.

It’s a good idea to book him fast, before his next venture takes off.

Jeff will soon join Emmy-nominated Jack Scalia in the feel-good reality show, Reach For the Sky.

Each episode will feature the two men traveling to a community with a veteran or active duty military member who needs an extra hand. They will oversee and participate in a surprise effort to aid that veteran and the family, addressing that need. The show will culminate with a concert, with that episode’s guest or guests given front row seats.

“This is my way to reach people,” Jeff says. “The country is hungry for feel-good stories.”

Jack Scalia is the perfect person for Jeff to team up with. His own commitment to our military has lead him to Iraq several times. “He’s dedicated, with a heart of gold,” Jeff explains.

With the pilot show mastered, the next step is finding that corporate sponsor who is the right fit. Jeff can even fly their corporate jet to each location, hopping off with guitar in hand, to rock out at the concert.

Jeff expects life to change quickly once that funding is finalized. They are shopping the series to channels like A&E, and the commitment will be heavy, but Jeff is ready.

Besides being a pilot and musician, Jeff is also a numbers guy. He can tell you how many millions of seconds are in so many days, how many people are on this earth, and apply those numbers to a bigger picture. With all of those people, and all that time, applying their particular gift to their lives, the world can become less steeped in malcontent and more focused on unity and overall well-being.

He’s doing his part to make that happen, and is grateful for the opportunity.

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