Epic Saxophone National Anthem Before Seahawks VS. Falcons Playoff Game

Mike Phillips blessed us with his saxophone by performing an amazing rendition of the National Anthem before Saturday’s Seahawks vs. Falcons playoff game.

NFL Saxophone National Anthem

In the Falcons-Seahawks marquee playoff matchup we were privileged to witness something spectacular.

A silky-smooth saxophone rendition of the National Anthem

Mike Phillips is a native of Mount Vernon, NY.  He became interested in music at a young age, moving through several different instruments before settling on the saxophone. By the age of 16, he had decided to play professionally. He made an impromptu New York debut at Wilson’s nightclub in New York in 1993, and that led to a series of session and sideman jobs in jazz, R&B, and even rap. Eventually, he attracted the attention of Hidden Beach Recordings, which signed him and put him on the road in the summer of 2001 opening for Jill Scott. Phillips’ debut album, You Have Reached Mike Phillips, was released by Hidden Beach in May 2002.

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It sounds like everything Adolphe Sax wanted for the world in 1840 when he made this mighty instrument. More sporting events could use a saxophone national anthem like this one, just incredible.

This is what America sounds like.

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