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Sharing Stories Of Americans Doing Extraordinary Things, And Reminding People About What Is Exceptional In This Country



Designed to spotlight stories that will inspire, motivate, and ultimately lead to a movement that is the polar opposite of what is in the news today.

about the foundersAmerican Snippets is the brain child of Entrepreneur Dave Brown, and Author & Speaker Barbara Allen. Dave and Barb have both found their way through difficult times, and to each other. Now they are finding their way to you in what will be an entertaining, informative, inspirational, and All-American enterprise. They and their all-star lineup of guests and contributors will lead the way; showing you the exceptional things being done by Americans all across this great nation. 

We are committed to sharing amazing stories about people who are making a difference by giving back and improving the lives of others with their selfless acts of kindness.  Our goal is to provide a meaningful platform that encourages national pride and supports all who honorably serve.

We’ll have fun along the way; Animal stories will satiate our quest for cuteness – and we welcome your messages, and your stories too. Get ready for a rousing ride!

About Barb Allen

Barb Allen’s life changed dramatically when her husband Louis Allen was murdered by a fellow soldier while deployed in Iraq.  Left to raise four small children on her own while also navigating the cold world of the military judicial system, her world collapsed again when the confessed killer was set free. The series of compounded tragedies broke her spirit more than once, but she found there was always someone there to help her get up and try again. She earned her Masters in Criminal Justice and used her new research skills to write her first book, Front Toward Enemy, about her husband’s murder. She continues to press the government to award her husband the Purple Heart.  She gritted her teeth through two surgeries to repair arms she damaged with hours of writing, and  wrote a second book to help lighten things up. She now brings her array of life experiences to audiences in keynote presentations.

She’s been crowned an Honorary Miss America and won a NYS Press Association award as well as an award from the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA). She is a book reviewer for MWSA and has been known to carry models of claymore mines in her purse as she heads into news studios  to discuss  her husband’s case. She rarely passes up an opportunity to ride a mechanical bull and she loves finding time to ride her horse. She has way too many dogs and a house that is never truly clean but is always full of happiness now that she and her almost grown sons have found their way through dark times.

Barbara understands the impact of our experiences on our well-being. When she was bombarded with a seemingly endless campaign of bad news and difficult times, it was the glimpses of positive stories and the people who shared those with her that helped her through. Now she sees a trend of bad news barraging this country in one outlet after another, and has joined forces with others who seek to reverse that trend. She is passionate about helping Americans remember and reinforce the greatness that still lives within our citizens. She is hell bent on ensuring our military is taken care of, and grateful to have an opportunity to bring American Snippets to you. Learn more about Barb or book Barb to speak at next event:

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About Dave Brown

Dave BrownCoaching: Dave believes that life is a never-ending process of inventing and re-inventing who you really are. He urges his students, followers and clients to never let society or peers dictate who they are going to be. Dave believes anyone can design a life around their grandest goals, dreams and passions by rising above their limitations and achieve true freedom for themselves and their families.

Real Estate Investing: Dave Brown has been in real estate for almost 2 decades.  Although real estate is something he loves to do his true passion is marketing.  Dave’s very first real estate investment deal was an online lead, and he knew then he’d found his own unique footing in the real estate investment niche. He is a rock star in the field of marketing online, and is passionate about sharing his expertise with others. His work as a real estate business coach is something he loves to do, and his commitment to each of his students is unsurpassed. Dave owns and operates a real estate investment firm in New York that dominates the search engines in his local market and allows him to generate hundreds of qualified motivated seller and cash buyer leads a year. This remarkable online lead generation is the force behind an annual six figure real estate investment business.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur: David is passionate about running, content creation, personal transformation, food, wine, and craft beer. When he’s not plotting and planning new ideas to help people live their passion, you can usually find him running trails, hiking, biking, playing basketball, or spending all the time he can with the people he loves and cares about the most! Learn more about Dave and his coaching:

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